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Uncommon Lifestyle & Fitness Bundle

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This offer bundles two guides together for an added benefit at a DISCOUNTED PRICE :) 


Fitness Guide:

This 6-week program is complete with your choice of 2 workouts a day (Gym Access & Dumbbell Only) & offers programming for 5 days per week, allowing for two full rest or active rest days per week.

The program is split into 3 sections (2 weeks each section) and focuses on a new goal during each of these sections. The movements are linked to a form video complete with cues & tips from me. This will help you gain confidence in your lifts over time & ensure proper form so that you can achieve the best results possible. This guide is delivered in pdf form upon purchasing & is yours for life to complete again & again!


Lifestyle Guide:

Building a healthy lifestyle is HARD WORK! This guide provides a 6-Step progression that will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE! The progression is easy to follow & is set up for you to master each step at a time before advancing to the next. Each step touches on one major pillar of health and allows you to really hone in on that area until it becomes habitual before moving on to work on other habits to add to your toolkit. This step-by-step guide focuses on topics from macro counting to habit stacking. This guide will be delivered as a downloadable link upon purchasing & will be yours to refer back to over & over again.