Programming That's NOT FUSSY

Daily movement doesn't have to be overly complicated to be effective. In fact, we think it's quite the opposite. Our programming is for individuals who crave simplicity but who don't want to sacrifice intensity.

What our members are saying

I was in a very bad place physically & mentally when I first joined Uncommon Strength. It changed so much for me. I felt physically & emotionally so much stronger. I was always someone who felt like I couldn't do things & this program taught me that I could do a lot more than I ever thought possible.


Emily kicked things off when I decided to take charge of my health! She’s kept me consistent, inspired me, & I’ve learned so much about the proper ways to fuel myself & move my body! Also, I’ve lost 20lbs & counting!
I’ve gained a group of friends & a TON of confidence.


Uncommon Strength has great efficient workouts that can be done in 30-45 minutes. For a busy working Mom this is a must!


I've been doing Uncommon Strength workouts constantly for a month and a half. I have seen and felt a great difference in my strength and overall health. But the best part of the plan is how easy the workouts are to follow. The accompanying videos make everything much less intimidating. This has made me able to stay with the plan and see real results. 

Meet Your Coach
Emily daSilva

Emily grew up going to the gym with her grandfather, former olympic lifter. He wrote her programs on an index card for her to take to the gym. Point is, she's been at this a lot longer than the iPhone notes app was invented. She brings that knowledge to every Uncommon Strength workout & everything she does. Emily has a passion for functional strength training, holistic nutrition & a drive to help as many people as humanely possible live healthier lives. She lives by the motto of doing a little each day—because if you have consistency you have it all.

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Membership FAQs

It depends on the workout variation you pick each day. You need just your body, a set or two of dumbbells, or access to various gym equipment. You decide based on what you can get your hands on that day.

YES! Every day of programming you will have 2 variations of the workout to choose from —Gym Access & Dumbbell Only.

Daily workouts are programmed to take between 20-40 mins (not including warmup or stretching).

Yes! Warmups are included in your daily programming. If you have unique needs or injuries, it's recommended to add 5-10 mins of additional warm ups focusing on these specifics before jumping into the programming.

Each week you're given 5 days worth of workouts & the other two days are left open for active and full rest days. You can schedule workout days & active/full rest days as you wish based on how you're feeling & your lifestyle.

The Members Only page is for active Uncommon Strength members only. When you purchase your membership you'll be emailed instructions on how to gain access using your account login information.

The private online community is only available to active Uncommon Strength members. Once you purchase your membership, you'll be given a link to gain access to the Uncommon Strength facebook group, a super motivating & inspiring community filled with people who value the same things you do.

There is no long term commitment to be an Uncommon Strength member. We offer a 7 day free membership trial & if you wish to cancel before your card is charged simply email us. If you do become a member & decide to cancel down the line, you may do so without a cancellation fee.